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          Yellowstone Valley Kennel Club is an all breed kennel club licensed.
  American Kennel Club
serving the Billings, Montana area (south-central Montana).



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Shirley- Bull Mtns Lightning Strikes Twice CD RE At the NADAC trial “Kyah” earned 2 3rd places in Novice standard


Kelly- Charge and Fame earned their NADAC Novice Standard titles at the BRAG trial.  The boys came home with 12 1st places and 4 2nd places.


Ingrid- “Frost” won the Grand Prize in Good Housekeeping’s  Halloween Pet photo contest.


Julie- Brooke’s Aust. Shepherd bitch “Sally” had 8 puppies.


Mary & Russ – Finally got the ownership paper work on “Merlin”.


Helene –“Kayenne” has all her health clearances and has been bred to “Sparky” Ch. Red Ryder of Real Pearl. He was 3rd at national this year and in the top 20. Helene is now a professional member of ABS, AABP, ACABC, BEN






Sandy Spomer- “Cruiser” got his Novice fast title in Casper

Lisa Swarthout – “Bliss” Bliss Vom Schwarzen Basilisk CDX NA NAJ PT HSAs in Idaho Falls earned two OA legs with a 1st and 2nd place.


Deb Weisgarber- “Quinn” took WD two days at the Rapid City shows for a total of 4 points.


Kelly Goodman- In Helena “Charge” earned 2 double Q’s and “Ego” got another NA leg with a 1st place.  “Fame” was pictured in the Belgian Laekenois article in the Nov. Dog World.


Tammie and Elton-  FET’s Lily Belle of the Ball finished with 4 pt major in Aug, ET’s Dudley does it Right took 4 pt major in Aug leaving only 3 pts to finish.”Kenmar ET’s Trixie finished with 4 pt major in Sept., ET’s Patchi got 3rd leg of her RE, and Ch. ET’s CeCe took Best in Sweeps in Aug.


Rhonda Dillman- English Setters Ch. Sagebrush Ingénue RN “Zoe” finished her RN in July. She was awarded the English Setter Association of America’s Best Puppy of 2008.

Ch Bull Mtns Unbelievable CDX JH RE OAP OJP “Zachariah” finished his OJP in July. Zach also sired his first litter, a litter of 9.

Ch. Bull Mtns Undeniable CD JH RE “Bookie” got 2 NAJ legs and 1 NA leg in July.

Very sadly I lost “Yankee” Am/Can Ch Sagebrush Yankee Doodle Dandy UD RE OA OAJ on Aug 31 after a very short illness. A couple of days after losing “Yankee” he received his invitation to the Eukanuba Obedience Invitational for Utility. I have a new puppy!!!! Sagebrush Bull Mtns Obsession “Tess”.







Sandy Spomer- Gallants Cowboy Up Ciden in Cheyanne “Dally finished his Championship in Kansas


Mary Morrison- “Colin” got a Double Q in WA

Russ Morrison – “Gallo” earned 2 ex JWW in WA





Sandy Spomer- Gallants Cowboy Up Ciden in Cheyanne went WD BOW and on the 2nd day went RWD


Lisa Swarthout- Am/Can Ch Bull Mtns Zero Gravity UD OA AXJ RN “Isaac” picked up another 9 masters points  


Julie Myers- Kotas Next Legend to the Fall “Tristan” in Billings, got his 3rd leg on Open JWW with a 1st place. Also got 2 legs on his Ex Std with two 1st places. Lowchen Wiwmans YMCA “Ringo Star” took BOB over a special and on the second day got WD to finish his Championship in Lake Elmo, MN


Patrick Jones – “Marco” at the Denver Speciality went Best Jr in Sweeps WD, BOW, Best puppy for a 5 point major. This was his first show. “Tim” at Denver Dal Specialty took WD, BOW for a 4 point major.


Mary Morrison- “Colin” YVKC agility 2 Ex Std and 2 Ex JWW legs with 1 double Q. In Missoula he got 2 Ex Std and 2 Ex JWW legs with 1 double Q. In Auburn, A he got 1 EX Std and 2 Ex JWW legs. “Fille” At YVKC trials got 1 Nov JWW, in Missoula got 1 Nov JWW leg and in WA she got 2 Nov JWW legs.






Shirley Brown-  Lexi and Kyah earned 2 legs in Std Novice A agility at our trials in July. They got a 3rd place on Friday and 2nd on Sunday.


Sandy Spomer- “Cruiser” got his Novice JWW and 2nd leg in Novice Fast


Deb Weisgarber –  Rizzo got his 2nd open std leg and finished his AXJ in Billings. In Missoula he got his 3rd Open Std leg to finish his title.


Diane-“Sidney” Q’d twice in Ex JWW


Lisa Swarthout- Am/Can Ch Bull Mtns Zero Gravity UD OA AXJ RN “Isaac” got 36 Masters points in Billings along with 4 OTCh points and 2 UDX legs. He was also HIT and HC two days. Ch Bull Mtns Echo of a Laughter CD RA got a CDX leg and 2 Std legs in Nov Std.


Anastasia Swarthout- “Garth” got his first x Std leg and Phoenix got two std legs with first places.


Linda Cummings-  Hillstead Scout got his Open JWW title and Nov Fast title.


Tammy and Elton Fortney- ET’s Chasttity Claire took WB in ID. Ken Mar II ET’s Whistlin Trixie went WB BOS in Billings. Foxfire ET’s Lilybelle of the Ball took WB for a 5 pt major in AK. ET’s Chastity Claire took 2- WB 5 pt majors 1- BOB 1 BW 1 BOS in AK to finish Ch out of the bred-by class at 1 year.


Jill Gibbs- “Isabeau” made her debut in agility 2 days in Billings. She double Q’d both days with 1st places all four runs  “Navarre” went dock diving and he received 2 first places and one 3rd place in Big Air Juniors, 4th place in Big Air Seniors which gave him his senior title. He also received 1st place in Speed Retieve Express. He finished 5th place all around amateur.







Rhonda Dillman – Eng. Setter Ch Bull Mtns Unbelievable CDX JH RE OAP NJP “Zachariah” finished his NJP & OAP in Bozeman and got 1 leg on his OJP. Eng. Setter Ch Sagebrush Ingénue “Zoe” got 2 legs on her RN in Bozeman and finished her Ch in Billings. She got her Ch with all majors. Eng Setter Ch Bull Mtns Undeniable CD JH RE “Bookie” got his RE in Missoula and 1 leg on his CDX in Bozeman.


Sandy Spomer- in Gallants Cowboy Up Cider “Dally got a 3 point major in Billings going WD BW and BOS.


Kelly Goodman – Fame finished his NAP and NJP. At Bozeman he earned an OJP leg and Charge got a double Q. In Missoula, Charge finished his CDX and also earned his VCD2 title. Ego also added a CD leg to go with his HIT in Casper.


Deb Weisgarber – Brittany RichLynn’s Mighty Quinn of Lyric “Quinn” took WD for 3 point major on Tuesday. On Thursday he took BOW for 2 points. RichLynn’s Risk’N It All took 1st place and his first leg in AXJ at Bozeman.


Ingrid- Wayout’s West Fox in Speckled Socks HIC RN “Frost” went BOB/BOW for 3 singles in Missoula. Ayre’s Pride Envy N Avarice HIC CD RN “Sinjin” went WD for a single point in Missoula.


Lisa Swarthout- Am/Can Ch Bull Mtns Zero Gravity UD OA AXJ RN “Isaac” got 12 Masters points in Bozeman. Bliss vom Scharzen Basilisk CDX PT HSAs finished her HS title in Helena with a High in trial 2nd day. This is Bliss’ 3rd HIT in herding. Ch Bull Mtns Echo of a Laughter CD RA got her HIC in Helena.







Patrick Jones- went to Casper and “Tim” went WD for a point. “Bella” took best puppy and won the best puppy in group. In Laramie “Tim” went WD/BOB and WD the 2nd day.


Tammy & Elton – “ET’s Chastity Claire took WB and BOS in Longmont CO. She also placed 4th at the National Spec. in Kentucky. “Ken Mar II ET’s Whistlin Trixie took WB & BOS in S Jordon UT. “ET’s Peter Pumpkin Eater” took WD/BOW in Longmont, CO and made two cuts at nationals to the last 6 dogs. “ET’s Patchy and Tammy pasted the Delta Society test with 100% for complex level and “Patchy” got her CGC.

Sandy Spomer- in Casper with “Dally went WD/BOS for 1 point and in Laramie went WD/BOW/BOS with “Dally” for another point.








Patrick Jones- “Eva” at the Dalmatian National took a 2nd in 8-10 sweeps, 1st in 6-9 futurity and 3rd in 6-9 puppy class. At the regional specialty se took a 1st in 6-9 sweeps and a 1st 6-9 puppy class. Bella” at the Dal national took 3rd 8-10 sweeps 3rd 9-12 futurity and regionals 1st 9-12 sweeps and 1st in 9-12 puppy. “Tim at regionals took 1st in open liver and went RWD


Deb Weisgarber-“Shaver” qualified in 2 JWW runs and he has an additional 3pts toward his MACH


Tammy & Elton – “ET’s Chastity Claire took WB in for a major out of the Bred-by class. She is 9 months old. “Ken Mar II ET’s Whistlin Trixie took WB and BOS in South Jordon, UT

Ingrid-“Sinjin’s” daughter Snjo’s Elda went to her 1st show and got Best Puppy and a Group 3


Lisa- Took Bliss to Malinois nationals and got her PT in the first trial and moved up to started and got her first leg with a 1st place and HIT. Judge commented that Bliss was on of the nicest started dogs she has seen work. Bliss got a 94.5 out of 100. She also earned 2 open JWW legs


Kelly - At Helena, Charge earned an Ex Fast leg with a 1st place, along with a few Ex legs.  Fame finished his NAP and NJP.






Kelly – In Idaho Falls, Ego finished NAJ with 2nd place. Fame earned 6 1st places in Novice preferred classes and Charge got a leg in Ex Fast with 1st and 2 Ex Std legs.


Jill- New Golden puppy named “Henry”.







Mary - Colin earned his beginner STD and beginner games titles at the TDAA trial in Billings with 8 first places for the weekend.


Lisa- Echo got her 1st open leg in Denver.







Helene-   3 of Kayene’s DNA test have come back as Normal-clear no carrier, only waiting for 2 more. Helene says as of Jan 1 she has been awarded with full board certification, CDBC through the International Assoc of Animal Behavioral Consultants. She believes she is the only certified behaviorist in MT. She is also a full member of the Animal Behavior Society.






January's meeting was Awards and Accomplishments for 2009.




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