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Brag Box 2008




Tammie and Elton- ET’s Patchy finished her RA.   Ken Mar II ET’s Whistlin Trixie received WB BOW BOS Best puppy in Puppy group.

Julie Myers- “Ringo Starr” is her new Lowchen. They received two 5 pt majors in Rapid City.







Donna Johnson- At the Polish Lowland Special in Memphis in Oct., Lief went Res. Winner dog and Elizabeth took first in Brood Bitch class.

Jill Gibbs- “Isabeau “ finished her CD in Rapid City.

MaryAnn Nortman- “Duffy” finished his Nov. preferred jumpers and Nov. preferred standard titles. He also earned 2 legs on his Nov fast title.

Helene-Border Collie, Multi Ch. Adventure’s Red-Hot N Spicy RE CGC “Kayenne” earned her final leg towards her RAE in Bozeman in September(completing the RAE in 11 shows with three ExB 1st places, four ExB 2nd places, two ExB 3rd places, one Adv B 2nd place, two AdvB 3rd places and five AdvB 4th places.)

Rhonda –and her English Setters went to Helena and “Zoe” Sagebrush Ingénue got her 4th major going BOS over a specials bitch. They also went to the English Setter National and “Zoe” won the 9-12 month futurity class. “Zachariah” Ch Bull Mtns Unbelievable JH CDX RE NAP took second in the field trial dog class and got an RAE leg.

Ingrid- took “Frost” to the Cattle Dog National Specialty and she got her HIC, 3rd place in the 6-9 class, 1st in the 6-9 another day and 4th out of 25 with a 99 in the Rally NovB class. She also took a 2nd in Best Gaited beating specials. “Frost” is now WayOut’s Fox in Speckled Socks HIC RN. “Sinjin” sired a singleton litter in Sweden. Then puppy’s name is Snjos Blue Elda.

Deb- has a new edition in her home. She purchased a male Brittany out of Rao Kennels in Richfield, WI. His call name is “Quinn”

Russ-and Gallo went to Denver and earned an ExB JWW leg with a 4th place. They went to Pocatello and got another ExB JWW with a 1st place then went back to Denver and earned 2 ExB JWW legs with a 3rd place out of 55 16” dogs. On to Idaho Falls for one ExB JWW with a 1st place.

Mary- and Colin earned an ExB Std leg in Pocatello 2 ExB JWW legs in Helena to finish his MXJ. He also got one ExB  Std leg in Helena. On to Denver for an ExB Std leg and then to Idaho Falls for one ExB Std leg, two ExB JWW legs and one Open Fast leg with a 1st place. She took “Fille” to Helena and got two NAJ legs and an NA leg.

Kelly-At the Helena shows, Fame finished his RE. At Casper agility trials, Charge finished his MX with a double Q and got another jumpers leg. At the Colorado herding trials, Razor finished his HT and now is eligible for the ABTC Versatility Award. At the FBSDC UKC shows, Charge won 3 Champion classes to finish his UKC Grand Championship.






Donna Johnson- “Megan” got her RA in Bozeman


Jill Gibbs- got an RE


MaryAnn Nortman- has a new Border Terrier puppy








Sandy Spomer- Her new puppy Pamelots Enchanted Lacey went BOB puppy and took a Puppy Group 2 in Cheyenne


Rhonda Dillman- English Setters Ch. Sagebrush Yankee Doodle Dandy UD OA OAJ RE                “Yankee” got his third UD leg. This finishes his UD **WOO HOO**

                              He also finished his RE in Great Falls with three 1st places.

                             Ch. Bull Mtns Unbelievable CDX JH NAP RE “Zachariah” finished his CDX in

                              Idaho Falls and got his RE in Great Falls with two 2nd and a 4th place.


Mary Morrison- Colin in Spokane got 2 Ex B JWW legs

                            In Auburn WA he got 2 Ex A std legs and 4 Ex B JWW legs. Colin finished his AX title


Russ Morrison- Gallo in Spokane got 3 Ex B std legs, 2 Ex B JWW legs and finished his MX title. He had 2 double Q’s

                                   In Auburn WA he got 1 Ex B std leg, 2 Ex B JWW legs with 1 double Q.



Patrick Jones-   “Frankie” got 4 pt major going WD/BOW at the Denver Dalmatian Specialty

                                        At the Greely KC show he got a 4 pt major going WD/BOW to finish his Ch.!!!!


Julie Myers-   Aussie- “Tristan” got his Nov Fast title with 1- first 1- second. Tristan got his last Open std leg with a 1st place. He also got the last leg on his Nov JWW with a 2nd place.                                                                                                         

                                  Sally got her CD and Nov Rally   

                                   TaTonka got his RN


Kelly Goodman- At the Great Falls Obedience/Rally trials, Razor finished his RAE.  Fame finished his RA and earned an RE leg.  Charge got a CDX leg.  According to Front and Finish Agility Rankings for 2007 in Novice Fast Preferred, Ace was ranked  #8 in All Breed, #6 in Herding Breeds, and #1 in Belgian Tervurens.  Razor was ranked #3 Belgian Tervuren.  Razor was also ranked #3 Belgian Tervuren in Open Jumpers Preferred.






Sandy Spomer- Has a new red Doberman male puppy his name is “Gallant’s Cowboy up Ciden”


Deb Weisgarber- RichLynn’s Risk “N It All FN OA OAJ “Rizzo”

                           At the YVKC trials:

                           7-18 took 1st place in Novice Fast for his second leg

                            7-19 took 1st place in Novice Fast for his NF title

                            7-20 took 1st place in Open Jumpers giving him his second leg

                            At the Five Valley KC trials

                             8-3 he took 3rd place in Jumpers for his OAJ title

                            RichLynn’s Holidais Cutter CDX OF MX MXJ “Shaver”

                            At the YVKC trials:

                             7-18 qualified in ExB Jumpers receiving 6 MACH points

                             At the Five Valley trial:

                             8-3 he qualified in ExB Jumpers which gave him his MXJ title as well as 3  

                             Additional MACH points. He now has 106 pts

Rhonda Dillman- English Setters Ch. Sagebrush Yankee Doodle Dandy CDX RA OA OAJ  “Yankee” got his second UD leg winning his class.

                             Ch. Bull Mtns Unbelievable CD, JH, RA “Zachariah” got a leg on his CDX,

                              He also finished his NAP and got two legs on his NJP. Zach then got one leg on

                               his OAP   


Lisa Swarthout- Am Can Ch Bull Mtns Zero Gravity UD OA AXJ RN BH “Isaac” finished his

                          AXJ and got his 1st MXJ leg. He also got 3 MACH points.

                          Ch .Bull Mtns Echo of a Laughter CD RN “Echo”on the first day of YVKC trials

                           finished her CD with a 1st place. She went High in Trial on the second day and    

                            tied for High in Trial on the last day with the Open B dog.


Anastasia Swarthout- Bull Mtns When the Thunder Rolls CDX RE OA NAJ “Garth”

                                     Got a leg on his NAJ finishing his title. He also got two OA legs to finish

                                     His OA and got his first AX leg


Helene Tiefenthaler- Border Collie Multi Ch. Adventure’s Red-Hot N Spicy RE “Kayenne” got her first 3 RAE legs at the YVKC trials with a 1st, 2nd and 4th in Ex and 2nd

                                   and 3rd in Adv.  She got 4 more RAE legs at the Bismarck shows with a 1st

                                    2-2nd and a 3rd in Ex and 2nd, 3rd and 2- 4th in Adv . She now has 9 legs and needs one more to finish her title. At Bismarck Kayenne also got her CGC.


Mary Morrison- Colin in Bozeman got 2 RA legs and 1 Ex A JWW leg.

                           In Billings he got 3 RA legs and finished his title. He also got an Open Fast leg

                            and finished his ExA JWW title with his ExA Std leg he has a double Q.

                            In Missoula Colin got 2 ExB JWW legs.

                             Fille in Bozeman got 2 RN legs and in Billings she got 3 more RN legs to

                             Finish her title.


Russ Morrison- Gallo in Bozeman got an ExB JWW leg. In Blackfoot he got 2 legs on his ExB JWW. He also got an ExB std leg with a first place.

                                   In Billings Gallo got an ExB JWW leg with a 1st place and an Ex A Fast leg

                                    In Missoula he got his first double Q Ex B Std and ExB JWW with a 1st place in Jumpers.


Patrick Jones- At the Bismarck shows “Frankie took WD 3 days and got a Group in the puppy group


Ingrid Rosenquist – “Frost got her RN with scores of 98/98/84 and a 2nd and 3rd placements. Poe got his final RN leg with a score of 95


Mary Ann Norman – “Duffy” finished his RN at the Billings show Q’d in Novice Std and Novice JWW. He got his Teacup Novice title in Std and Games


Pat Bruski – Riley earned 2 Q’s in Std and 2 Q’s in games at the TDAA (Teacup Dog Agility Assoc) in Bozeman July 5 & 6.


Barb Kunze- Jamani got 2 Q’s in Std and 2 Q’s in games at the TDAA in Bozeman


Tami Fortney- ET’s Patchy earned her RN and got her first leg of RA.

                         Ken Mar II Whistlin Trixie took WB at her first show.

                         ET’s Dudley Does It Right took BOW in Filer.                                                                                                  

                         Foxfire ET’s Lilybell Star of Ken Mar blessed us with a beautiful little girl ET’s  Michone Mon Joli Bell  out of Ch Chalkhill’s Touch Down


Jill Gibbs “Isabeau” finished her RN with 2 perfect scores of 100 and received 1st 2nd and 3rd places. She also earned her 1st leg on her CD with a 3rd place.

                   “Navarre” finished his OA and NF and debuted in Dock Diving in Butte. He received 1 1st place and 3 2nd places.


Kelly Goodman- At the UKC shows in CO, “Fame” finished his Grand Ch title to be the first

                            Laeken to do so. On Sunday, he also took a BOB and a Group1 which was

                            another first for a Laekenois.

                            “Fame” is U-GR Ch U-Agl Can Ch Winjammers Wired to Win RN NA NAJ  CGC BOS BOWS

                             “Charge” earned 2 Ch wins and finished his U-CD with a second place.

                              At the Missoula AKC agility trials “Charge” got an MX leg with a 1st and a MXJ leg with a 2nd place

                             “Ego” earned 2 Novice JWW legs with 1st places






Sandy Spomer- “Cruiser” finished his RAE in Bozeman and got 2 JWW legs.


Deb Weisgarber- In Bozeman” Rizzo” took 1st place with his first leg in Novice fast.

 “Shaver” got his MX in Bozeman.

“Ainsley “got one point toward her CH in Billings


Rhonda Dillman- English Setters Ch. Bull Mtns Undeniable CD, JH, RA “Bookie” finished his Ch going BOB over specials at YVKC shows. Then took WD in Great Falls for another major.  

Ch. Bull Mtns Unbelievable CD, JH, RA “Zachariah” got 2 legs on his NAP in Bozeman. He took BOB in Missoula 1 day under a breeder judge.

Sagebrush Ingenue “Zoe” took WB all three days in Missoula for three 3 pt. majors.


Lisa Swarthout- Am Can Ch Bull Mtns Zero Gravity UD OA OAJ RN BH “Isaac” got another UDX leg in Bozeman with a High Combined. He also got 2 OTCh points.

Ch .Bull Mtns Echo of a Laughter RN “Echo” took BOB two days in Billings.


Helene Tiefenthaler- Border Collie Multi Ch. Adventure’s Red-Hot N Spicy RE “Kayenne” got her first 2 RAE legs in Missoula.


Kelly Goodman-In June Razor earned 5 more RAE legs. In Bozeman, Fame finished his Novice Agility with a first place and earned a RN leg. In Missoula, Fame finished his RN with a score of 99 and a first place out of 17 dogs. The next day, Fame took a first in Rally Adv A. At the Can Belgian Specialty, Fame took BOS. Charge went Best Veteran in Sweeps along with High Scoring Belgian in Obedience with a first place in Novice under judge Sharon Redmer.






Mary Morrison- "Colin" at the Spokane agility trials in May earned 2 Novice Fast legs with a 1st and 2nd place completing his NF. He also got 1 Open Std leg with a 2nd place completeing his OA and got 1 Ex A JWW leg with a 1st place. He did not leave the ring once at the trial!!!!!!WooHoo Colin.


Sandy Spomer- "Cruiser" got a leg towards his RAE and only needs one more to finish.


Julie Myers- "Tristan", Aussie, got 2 – 1st places from Open A which titled him and tied for High in Trial at Casper. "Mae West",  Aussie puppy bitch, got BOS on Sat. for her first point.


Deb Weisgarber- In Casper, "Rizzo" got his 1st leg in Novice B on Fri and his 2nd leg on Sat with a 19 tying for High in Trial with Julie. "Rizzo" won the run off for HIT.


Donna Johnson – In Casper with her BC, "Maggie", got 2 legs on her RA. "Sophie", her Boston Terrier, took Res. Winners both days.


Pat Burske- "Remington" earned his CGC


Rhonda Dillman- Eng. Setter, "Ch Sagebrush Yankee Doodle Dandy CDX, OA, OAJ,RA" got a leg on his UD in Casper. He also went BOB and got pulled in Group.


Ingrid Rosenquist- Puppy, "Frost" took a 3rd place in Sub-novice at our fun match. Frost is 4 months old- WOW!






Russ Morrison- "Gallo" earned an MXJ leg in Helena


Mary Morrison-"Colin" got a Novice fast leg in Casper

Sandy Spomer- "Cruiser" earned a Novice fast leg in Casper


Jo Acton Am.Can.World /International/Argentina/Carribean and Americas/Latin Amer. Ch Flo Star’s Puddle of Mud died unexpectedly in April. "Muddy" was a wonderful Affenpnscher and is greatly missed.


Julie Myers-"Tristan", Aussie, qualified 4out of 6 times in agility at the Australian Shepherd nationals in Greely, CO. 1 leg nov. fast,2 legs nov std(title) with 2nd and 3rd place. Also one open leg in JWW


Deb Weisgarber-"Shaver" got a leg toward his MXJ in Helena


Jill Gibbs- "Navarre" Q’d 3 out of 3 agility runs. He got 2nd leg in Rally Ex and he and "Isabeau" got their CGCs.


Kelly Goodman- the Belgians went to Casper where "Razor" finished his OJP and his AXP with first places, then went on to get 2 AJP legs with first places. "Charge" also finished his OF with a first place. "Ace" picked up two legs towards his OFP.  "Fame" made his debut in agility and earned two NAJ legs with a first and second, and a NA leg with a first. Then in Helena on Fri., "Ace" earned his 40th title by finishing his MJP with a third place making him U-CDX U-AGII AKC/CKC Ch DeHaana’s Third Time’s a Charm VCD2 UDT RAE PT MX AXJ MXP MJP NFP CKC-CDX ASCA-CD NAC NGC HIC CGC HIT. On Sat., "Fame" earned his first AKC title NAJ with a second place. Also on Sun., "Razor" finished his AJP to go along with his MXP leg on Fri. with first places. "Razor" is U-CD U-AGII UKC/CKC Ch Windjammers Tete La Premiere VCDI TDX AKC/CKC/ASCA CD RE NA NAJ AXP AJP NFP CGC. "Charge" picked up a double Q with a first in standard and a third in JWW.


Lisa Swarthout-Took "Bliss" to the Helena herding trials. At the AKC match  "Bliss" passed the PT test and at the AHBA trial she won her ranch trial class and took high scoring ranch dog.






Russ Morrison- "Gallo" earned two MX legs and 36 MACH points in Idaho Falls


Sandy Spomer- "Cruiser" earned two more legs toward his RAE in Scottsbluff NE. He now has 8 legs.


Helen Remington-"Mitchell" went WD on Saturday for two more points in Scottsbluff, NE


Anastasia Swarthout- “Garth” Bull Mtns When the Thunder Rolls CDX RE NA finished his CDX

            in Scottsbluff with a score of 191.5 and a second place.


Ingrid Rosenquist-Wayout’s Fox in Speckled Socks aka “Frost” A new ACD puppy to liven up the

            house. She is a niece to “Finn”


Jo Acton- "Ch Rainsongs Usual Suspect Bymack", a Toy Manchester received a VHC (very highly

            commended) at the Crufts show. Her Finnish Spitz "It takes Two to Tango" took 3rd in his



Donna Johnson-"Ch. Beau Chein’s Monika" took a Group 3 at the Clinton Iowa KC show.


Kelly Goodman-"Razor" earned 2 RAE legs in Scottsbluff


Mary Ann Norman- "Duffy" pasted his CGC test


Lisa Swarthout-In Scottsbluff "Isaac" earned his first UDX legs with 197.5/188.5 on the first day and 197.5/196 on the second day. "Echo" showed in Novice for the first time and got two legs. 198.5 the first day and 196.5 the second day. She also took BOB both days.




Welcome New Member:


Regina Gunderson was voted in unanimously. Regina will be showing her new Doberman in obedience/agility.





Andrea’s Duma “Abbeywood Reign of Fire” got a RWD to a major, a 2nd in class and a 4th in class. Andrea also got a owner handled BOB

Donna Johnson’s Beau Chein’s Monika (Pon) finished at Central Indiana Kennel Club.

Patrick’s On the Spot Ravin About Johnny “Johnny” at 18 months got his 4th Specialty BOW to finish Championship.

 Patrick’s Frankly Ravins Best Hispot “Frankie” at specialty on the first day took Best Junior Sweepstake at 6 months 1 day old. The 2nd day went RWD on the 3rd day went BOW/WD and on the 4th day took RWD.

Sandy and Therman have a new arrival “Pamelots Enchanted” She is a red Doberman bitch.

Lisa’s “Isaac” Am Can Ch. Bull Mtns Zero Gravity UD OA OAJ RN BH finished his UD in Denver with a score of 195.





Jo Acton : “Burmack’s Reyna of Aztec Sun” Toy Manchester(6months old) took reserve to the major two times at the Rose City Classic. In Calgary,Can 2/1-3/08 Teotihuacan,Xoloitzeuntle,Group 2.

Am/Can/World Ch. Rainsongs Usual Suspect Burmack,Toy Manchester,took Gr.3.

Am/Can/ World Ch. Rainsong’s Immigrant Song, Std. Manchester took Gr.3


Rhonda Dillman: She has a new English Setter puppy. “Zoe” is a blue belton. Her registered name is Sagebrush Ingenue.


HeleneTiefenthaler: Her Border Collie/Sheltie mix “Kristie” again passed their Delta Pet Partner test for certification as a Pet Partner Therapy Dog Team/Advance level “Kristie is 91/2 and this is their 4th time getting certified. (a team needs to re-test every two years)




Welcome New Member:


Patrick Jones was voted in unanimously. Patrick shows and breeds Dalmatians.






January's meeting was Awards and Accomplishments for 2007.