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Donna Johnson has 6 new Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies born December 3rd


Julie Myer’s Australian Shepherd “Tristan” received his 1st leg on his CDX with a 2nd place in Rapid City, SD.


Barb Kunze’s Basenji “Jamani” got his NJP, this is the first Agility title for both of them and he got the 3 legs in three tries.




Welcome New Member:


Mary Ann Norman has a Scottie and Jack Russell and is interested in Agility, Obedience and Rally Obedience. 




Kelly Goodman's and her Belgian Tervurens went to the Helena Agility trials, “Razor” finished his Standard Open Pref. title and his Jumpers Novice Pref. title.  He also got a first place in Standard Excellent A Pref. and  “Charge” earned two more MXJ legs.  They then headed to the Great Falls Tracking Test where “Gusto” passed his TD.  Next on to the Helena AHBA Herding Trials and Tests where “Ego” passed his 1st leg of the JHD on sheep and “Gusto” passed his 1st leg of the HCT on sheep.  Then at the Idaho Falls Agility trials, “Razor” earned 2 Open Jumpers Pref. legs with 1st places and an Excellent Standard Pref. leg with a 1st place and “Charge” earned 2 Open Fast legs with 1st places and another MXJ leg.


Rhonda Dillman’s English Setter, Am/Can CH Sagebrush Yankee Doodle Dandy, CDX, OA, OAJ, RA, “Yankee”, took BOB all 3 days in Rapid City and tock a Group II on Friday.  Her English Setter Bull Mtns Undeniable, CD, JH, RA, “Bookie”, got his RA title in Rapid City and took BOW all 3 days.


Ingrid Rosenquist’s Australian Cattle Dog Ayres’ pride Envy N Avarice, HCT, CD, RN, “Sinjin”,  went to Rapid City and got his RN and went BOW for two 4 Point Majors.


Lisa Swarthout’s Belgian Malinois Bull Mtns Echo of a Laughter, “Echo”, finished her CH and got a Group 4.  Her Belgian Malinois Am/Can CH Bull Mtns Zero Gravity, CDX, OA, OAJ, “Isaac”, earned another Ex. Std. leg.  And her newest puppy is Bull Mtns RisN From the Ashes, “Phoenix”.


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany Am/Can CH RichLynn’s Holodais Cutter, CDX, NF, AX, AXJ finished his CDX title with a third place at Rapid City.


Jo Acton’s Stdrd. Manchester Terrier Am/Can CH Rainsong’s Immigrant Song, “Columbo”, is the father of one female puppy born in Finland to BonWild Kennels.


 Sandy Spomer’s Doberman Pinscher “Cruiser” got two more legs towards his RAE and got his CGC in Rapid City.


Helen Remington’s Labrador Retriever  “Mitchell” got a 4 Point Major and his CGC in Rapid City.


Donna Johnson’s  and her Polish Lowland Sheepdogs went to Memphis, TN, “Monika” got a 4 Point Major and “Lief” got a 5 Point Major while there.


Helene Tiefenthaler’s Border Collie Multi CH Adventure’s Red-Hot N Spicy, RE, JHDs, “Kayenne”, finished her JHD on sheep and got her 1st HCT leg on ducks at the AHBA Herding Trials and Tests in Helena.







Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany “Ainsley” got a 3 point Major in Bozeman giving him 11 pts towards his Championship.  Her Brittany “Shaver” got his first Double Q in Pocatello, (he now has 6 ExBJWW legs and 6 ExBSt. legs), and he also took a 1st Place and got his first leg in Open Fast.


Russ Morrison’s Shetland Sheepdog “Gallo” got one Open Fast leg in Spokane.  He went on to get another Open Fast leg and finished the Open Fast Title in Pocatello plus got two MXJ legs completing his MXJ title.


Kelly Goodman’s Belgian Tervuren “Ace” finished his Rally RAE Title with two 1st Places.


Arial Harper’s Wire-Haired Ibizan Hound “Nisa” finished her CH on the CopperCircuit in June finishing up her Dual Championship.  Her Ibizan Hound “Remi” won a Group 2 at the Bozeman shows and her Ibizan Hound “Endora” finished her RE Title at the Bozeman shows making her the FIRST Ibizan to get this title!


Tammy and Elton Fortney’s Papillon ET’s Dudley Does It Right took a win in Farmington.  Their Papillon “Patches” had 5 healthy puppies on September 9th.  They are also getting a new Papillon male Arbietsheim Piper De La Tempo, both his sire and grandsire are SOD.


Helen Remington’s Labrador Retriever “Mitch” went Winner Dog and Best of Winners at two of the four Montana shows for 4 points.


Sandy and Therman Spomer’s Doberman Pinscher “Cruiser” at the Bozeman and Helena shows got four legs towards his RAE.


Cindy Herman and Jennifer McCandless’ Belgian Shepherd Takishan’s Straight to the Queen, “Trae”, took Winner’s Bitch for another point in Helena.


Rhonda Dillman’s English Setter Am/Can CH Sagebrush Yankee Doodle Dandy, CDX, OA, OAJ, RA, “Yankee”, got his RA in Great Falls.  Her English Setter CH Bull Mtns Unbelievable, JH, CD, RA, “Zachariah”, got his RA in Great Fall and her English Setter CH Bull Mtns Irresistible, JH, CDX, RN, “Paige”, got her RN in Great Falls.


Ingrid Rosenquist and her ACDs went to the ACDCA National Spatiality and “Poe”, UCDVWP BrokenCircleBucksKgdmByTheC, HIC, WDS, WD, WETT, Am/Can/ASCA CD, BH OB-1, SchHA, got two 3rd places and two RN legs.  “Tessa”, VWP Wallaby Ms Aussie Xcess, WD, HIC, placed 4th in 7-9 Vet. and Vet. Sweeps in both Regional Specialties and was Best Altered at the Nationals.  “Sinjin”, Ayres’ Pride Envy N Avarice, HCT, CD, placed in his breed class at all three specialties.


Jill (Fisher) Gibbs’ Flat-Coated Retriever “Navarre”, Am/Can CH Applegarth Knight of Fire, CDX, RA, NA, DAJ, Can-CD, got his Canadian Championship with a Group 3 and got his Rally Advanced Title.


Helene Tiefenthaler’s Border Collie AKC/UKC/UCICB-CACH-S CH Adventure’s Red-Hot N Spicy, RE, AHBA-HCT, “Kayenne”, finished her Rally Excellent Title with two more 1st places at the Bozeman Shows






Shirley Brown’s Belgian Malinois, Bull Mtns Lighting Strikes Twice, “Kyah” earned her Rally Excellent title (RE) in Great Falls.  Her Golden Retriever Queen Annie Marie, “Annie” earned her Rally Excellent title (RE) in Great Falls and took a 4th place one day.  And her Saint Bernard Princess Gracee Elan, “Gracee” earned two Rally Advanced B legs in Great Falls scoring a 91 one day.


Ingrid Rosenquist’s Australian Cattle Dog, Ayres’ Pride Envy N Avarice, HCT, CD, “Sinjin” got the final leg of his CD in Great Falls and got high scoring herding dog.  His OFAs came back with normal elbows and good hips.


Elton and Tammy Forney’s Papillon ET’s Sweet Pea took BOB, WB and BOS,  their Papillon ET’s Dudley Does It Right got WD, BOB, BOS and BOW and their Papillon Kenmar II ET’s Jus N Nicka Time got BOB puppy in Cheyenne.  Their Papillon ET’s Patchy is expecting September 19th.


Cindy Herman and Jennifer McCandless’ Belgian Sheepdog, Taki San’s Straight To The Queen, “Trae” got Best Puppy Sweeps in Greeley, CO.


Helene Tiefenthaler’s Border Collie, Multi CH Adventure’s Red-Hot N Spicy, RN, HCT, “Kayenne” got two Rally Advanced legs with a 1st and 2nd place at the Billings Trials in July and went on to Bismarck, ND the first part of August and finished her Rally Advanced title (RA) with a 2nd place and earned two Rally Excellent legs with a 1st and 2nd place.


Kelly Goodman’s and her Belgian Tervurans went in July to the UKC shows in Longmont, CO, "Ace", “Charge”, and “Razor” all finished their AG II titles and on Friday at the Agility Trial 1, “Charge” took a  HIT.  Also, “Fame” won two more CH classes and on Sunday, he went BOB and took a Group 3.  In August at the Missoula agility trials, Charge” finished his NF and Razor finished his NFP.  Charge also received an MX leg with a first place.  Razor received 2 NJP legs and 2 OAP legs with all first places.  Razor was the only Open dog to pass on Sunday.  And at the Great Falls Obedience/Rally trials, Ace earned 2 more RAE legs, Ego earned his RE title, and Razor took two 1st places in Grad Novice.







Shirley Brown’s Belgian Malinois, Bull Mtns Lighting Strikes Twice, “Kyah” earned her Advanced Rally title, finished her title in Novice B Obedience and took Best of Winners one day for 2 more points at the Blackfoot Idaho Shows.


Rhonda Dillman’s English Setter, Ch Bull Mtns Sign of the Z, CD, RN, “Zorro”, finished his Championship in Billings and he also obtained his CD in Missoula with a 1st place and two 3rd places.

Her English Setter, Bull Mtns Undeniable, JH, RN, “Bookie”, obtained two legs on his CD in Missoula and he also took BOW one day for 2 points.


Ingrid Rosenquist’s Australian Cattledog, “Sinjn”, Ayres’ Pride Envy N Avarice, got his 2nd leg of the AHBA HCT on sheep.  He also went BOB 6 days during the MT circuit.


Anastasia Swarthout’s Belgian Malinois, Bull Mtns When The Thunder Rolls, CD, NA, RE, “Garth”, got a leg in Open A and finished his NA at the ABMC.

Anastasia got Best Junior and High Scoring Junior at the ABMC.


Lisa Swarthout’s Belgian Malinois, “Echo”, Ch Bull Mtns Echo Of A Laughter, finished her Ch out of the Bred by Class at the June shows.

Her Belgian Malinois, “Isaac”, Ch Bull Mtns Zero Gravity, CDX, OA, OAJ, RN, earned his first UD leg with a 195 and a 1st place.


Kelly Goodman’s Belgian Tervuren, “Ace” U-CDX  U-AG1  AKC/CKC CH DeHaana's Third Time's A Charm VCD2 UDT RE PT  MX AXJ MXP AJP  CKC/CDX ASCA/CD  NAC  NGC  HIC CGC,  earned 4 Rally RAE legs in Blackfoot.


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany, “Ainsley”, too a 3 point major for Best of Winners on Wednesday and a 5 point major WB on Thursday at the June shows.


Cindy Herman’s and co-owner Jennifer McCandless’s Belgian Sheepdog, Talkishan’s Straight To The Queen, “Trae”, took Best of Breed all three days of the June shows for a total of 3 points.

Her Belgian Sheepdog, Daltan’s Silver Misty Dawn, “Dawn”, got her first agility qualification at the NADAC trial in Laurel.






Kelly Goodman's Belgian Tervurens had a busy spring.  At the Casper Agility trials, "Charge" earned his first NF leg and "Ace" earned his first NFP leg. 
In agility,
"Ace" took 1st  place in Ex  JWW Pref, "Razor" took 2nd  in Novice Standard Pref, and "Charge" Q'd in Ex JWW.   In rally, "Ace" earned his first RAE leg and "Ego" took 3rd in Advanced A. In obedience, it was "Charge's" first time in Open A, and he took 2nd place.  In conformation, "Ego" took 2nd  in the Herding Titled class and "Charge" made the first cut.
At the Bozeman Trials,
"Ace" finished his NFP with a 1st  and 2nd, got another Ex JWW Pref. leg
with a 1st  place, and two rally RAE legs with two 4th places on Sat. and two 1st  places on Sunday.
"Ego" finished his RA title with two 1st  places. "Razor" finished his NAP with two 1st  places, and earned two NFP legs with a 2nd and 4th “Charge” earned one leg towards his NF with a 2nd place.


Shirley Brown’s Malinois “Kyah”, Bull Mtn’s Lighting Strikes Twice, at the National Specialty in Utah got 1 leg in Novice B Obedience.  In Bozeman she got her 2nd leg in Novice B Obedience.

Her Golden Retriever “Annie”, Queen Annie Mae, got her Advance B Rally title in Bozeman.


Barb Kunze’s “Jamani” Q’d in JWW Perf. in Bozeman getting a 1st place with a ‘clean run’.


Donna Johnson’s Pon “Monika” in Longmont, CO got a Herding Group 3.


Arial Harper’s Ibizan “Nisa” finished her AKC Field Championship at the Ibizan Hound Nat’l.  She is now FC Strangedays Sumthin’ Wicked SC

 “Endorra” (Ibizan) finished her AKC Senior Courser title and got her first Rally Excellent leg with a 1st place at the Ibizan Hound Nat’l.


Mary Leaman Morrison’s Sheltie “Colin” got two Rally Novice legs to finish his title in Bozeman.


Russ Morrison’s Sheltie “Gallo” got a Rally Novice leg in Bozeman.


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany “Rizzo” got his Std. Novice title at the Bozeman Agility Show.  “Shaver” (Brittany) got his first leg in Nov. Fast with a 4th place.


Julie Myers’ Lowchen AKC/CKC CH Justin bred his first girl, AKC/CKC CH Piper from Canada, on 6/7/07.


Rhonda Dillman’s English Setter Bull Mtns Sign of the A, RN, “Zorro”, in Casper took WD both days for 2 more points.

In Bozeman at the Obedience Trials CH Bull Mtns Unbelievable, JH, RN, “Zachariah”, got his first two CD legs and went High In Trial the second day.


Lisa Swarthout’s Malinois “Bliss” at the Malinois Nationals earned her first PT leg.

“Isaac” (Malinois) at the Nationals was awarded an Award of Merit and won the Stud Dog class.  He also took a 2nd place in Open B.

“Echo” (Malinois) won her Sweepstakes class.


Anastasia Swarthout’s Malinois “Garth” got his first CDX leg and finished his NA at the Malinois Nationals.

Anastasia won Best Jr. and High Scoring Jr. in Performance Area also at the Nationals.


Sandy Spomer’s Doberman “Crusier” got his first Rally Excellent leg in Casper.


Helen Remington’s Labrador “Mitchell” got his first Rally Excellent leg in Casper and went Winners Dog for 1 point also.


Helene Tiefenthaler and her BCx “Kristi” were recognized at the Billings Clinic Hospital “Volunteer Appreciation” luncheon with having just shy of 500 volunteer visiting hours for 2006 – Helene was also recognized with have done ‘animal therapy’ work for 20 years.

“Kayenne” (Border Collie) and Helene did their very first “Freestyle” routine during a demonstration at the YAP PetWalk. 





Sheila & Dan Brown have a NEW 3 month old Finish Spitz puppy, Crown’s Finlandia Diira.


Lauren & Dan Woloshin RESCUED an Australian Cattle Dog puppy “Jake The Dog”


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany “Rizzo”, RichLynn’s Risk ‘N It All, received three qualifying legs in the Helena Agility Trials – 2 legs in Std Novice with a 1st and 2nd placement and 1 leg in Novice JWW with a 2nd place.


Russ Morrison’s Sheltie “Gallo”, Galloway’s Interloper LM got 1 Agility Novice FAST leg in Casper, WY and the at the Helena Agility Trials got 1 MXJ leg, and 2 more Novice FAST legs to finish his Novice FAST title.




Welcome New Member:


Alexis Swarthout, Winnett, MT.  She has a Belgian Malinois, Interests-Show, Obedience and Agility, No Kennel Name, Titles previously earned in Agility-NAP and NAJ.





Pits & Lynn DeArmond have a new Mastiff puppy born on Feb. 14th, Montana’s Big Sky


Kelly Goodman’s Belgian Tervuren, “Gusto” passed his ASCA TD.  Her Belgian Tervuren, “Drifter”, U-UD  DeHaana's Driftboat VCD1 UDT  PT  NA NJP NAP ASCA/CDX HIC TT CGC TDInc HITs, had his 15th Birthday.


Anastasia Swarthout’s Malinois, “Garth” got a Novice JWW leg in Idaho Falls with a 90 on Saturday and got a Standard Novice A leg with a 100 on Sunday.


Lisa Swarthout’s “Isaac” earned an Ex JWW leg with a score of 100 in Idaho Falls.


Elton & Tammy Fortney’s Papillons “ET’s Patchy” had 4 puppies and Foxfire Twilight Magic had 3 puppies and their Papillon “ET’s Dudley” earned his CGC.


Barb Kunze’s “Jamani” earned his CGC certificate.


Pat Bruski has earned her Performance Judging Number for Earthdogs.







Donna Johnson’s Boston Terrier “Kingsley”, Wynot Kingsley BeauChien, finished his Canadian Ch and is now an AM, CAN and Int’l Champion.


Ingrid Rosenquist’s “Sinjin” went WD for a 3 point major in Denver.


Lisa Swarthout’s “Echo”, Bull Mtns Echo Of A Laugter, got two majors with a total of nine points from the Denver shows.  “Bliss” took reserve.  “Sage”, Echo’s sister, won the Puppy Herding Group.


Julie Myers and “Tristan” her Australian Shepherd passed their Delta Society “PetPartners@” Therapy testing.


Arial Harper’s “Endora”, AM/CAN/UCI Int’l CH Fire Rock Bell, Book and Candle, JC, RN, Finished her Rally Advanced (RA) title in 3 straight runs with a 4th and 1st place down in Denver.




Welcome New Members:


Linda Birtles has a Cocker Spaniel and is interested in Agility, Obedience, Tracking and Field Trials.


Brook Calhoun has an Australian Shepherd and is interested in Conformation, Obedience and Agility.  S


Darcy Critchfield has a Papillion and is interested in Obedience and Agility. 


Steve & Faith Syndergaard have 2 Basenjis and are interested in Conformation. 


Dan & Karen Woloshin  have two adult Lhasa Apsos (with a litter of puppies) and are interested in Conformation, Obedience and Agility. 






Kelly Goodman’s  Belgian Tervuren “Gusto” and Belgian Laekenois “Fame” each passed their tracking certifications.




January BRAG BOX


January's meeting was Awards and Accomplishments for 2006.


Brag Box 2006

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