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BRAG BOX 2005:


december BRAG BOX


Julie Myers’ Lowchen Specialty was in Syracuse, NY.  “Justice” took Reserve WD the 1st day.  He won his class 2 of the other days.  A total of 52 Lowchens were shown.


Ingrid Rosenquist’s Australian Cattle Dog puppy Ayres’ Pride Envy N Avance  “Sinjin” tested clear for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)


Kelly Goodman was asked to become a UKC Belgian Shepherd Dog conformation judge.




november BRAG BOX



Shirley Brown’s Belgian Malinois Bull Mtns Lightning Strikes Twice “Kyah” went BOW in Boise for a 5 point major.  She now has 9 points including both her majors at 7 months of age.  She is Lisa’s breeding!!


Melanie McCleary’s Belgian Malinois “Murray” finished his OAJ in Idaho Falls.  He is Lisa’s breeding!!


Sandy & Therman Spomer’s Doberman Ch Gallant’s Fast Lane v. Ciden NAP, NJP,RN  “Cruiser” finished his RN in Rapid City.


Ingrid Rosenquist’s Australian Cattle Dog  UWP Kuawarri Paint the Town Blue CD “Finn” got 2nd in his obedience class, a leg in rally and 3rd in his conformation class at the ACD National Specialty.   Ingrid’s  new puppy Ayres’ Pride Envy N Avance  “Sinjin” got 4th out of 11 at the National.


Lisa Swarthout’s Belgian Malinois “Willow” finished her AX in Idaho Falls.  She took High Scoring Malinois in obedience at the supported entry in Boise.  “Isaac” got two RN legs in Boise.  They are Lisa's breeding!!


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany Ch RichLynn’s Holidais Cutter OA, AXJ “Shaver” completed his AXJ in Helena on Oct 7-9.  He got a 1st place for his second leg and a 2nd place to finish his title.  At the agility trials in Idaho Falls he earned a 3rd place on Oct 28 in Ex B and received 8 MACH points and a 3rd place on Oct 29 receiving 7 MACH pts.  So he has a total of 15 MACH pts and 2 of his required 10 wins towards his MXJ.


Diane Myers’ Brittany Ch RichLynn’s Residual Effect NA, OAJ  “Sidney” took 2nd place in open std in Helena for her 1st OA leg one day and then a 3rd place in open std for her 2nd leg the next day.  In Idaho Falls she had some very nice runs in both std and jumpers but alas not Q’s.  She is Deb's breeding!!


Kelly Goodman’s Belgian Tervuren “Ace” finished his MX in Helena. “Charge” also finished is AX in Helena.  In Idaho Falls “Ace” earned 3 MXP legs in 3 runs with 3 first places.  “Charge” earned 3 MX legs and 2 MXJ legs with his first Double Q on Friday and his second Double Q on Sunday.

Russ Morrison’s Sheltie “Gallo” earned 1 AX leg and 1 MXJ leg in Idaho Falls.


Mary Morrison’s Sheltie “Colin” got an OAJ leg in Idaho Falls to finish his OAJ title.


Barb Kunze’s Basenji “Jamani” finished his RN.


Fran Nunn’s Labs “Fancy” and “Mr Spock” won their BBE classes in Helena and Bozeman 2 days.


Rhonda Dillman’s English Setters Bull Mtns Irresistible CD “Paige” , Bull Mtns Unbelievable JH “Zachariah” and Bull Mtns Undeniable JH “Bookie” went to hunt tests in Three Forks in August.  “Zach” and “Bookie”  got 2 passes and “Paige” got 1 pass.  “Paige” got 2 legs on her CD in Great Falls with a 195 and 193.  At the Bozeman show, “Zach” took WD for 2 pts.  Then in Helena, “Paige” finished her CD (190) on Sat. and took BOW both days for two 3 pt majors.  “Bookie” took WD on Sat for a 3 pt major and “Zach” took WD on Sun. for a 3 pt major.  At the English Setter National Specialty, “Paige”  got 2 more passes towards her JH.  Both “Bookie” and “Zach” got 2 more passes to finish their JH titles.  “Paige” took 3rd in her Nov B obedience class  and was pulled in her BBE class.  Am/Can Ch Sagebrush Yankee Doodle Dandy CDX, NA, NAJ “Yankee” earned his second OA leg at the Casper agility trials.


Helene Tiefenthaler has everything she needs for her certification for Professional level for IABC (International Animal Behavioral Consultants).  She has also reached the Associate level with IPATA (International Prof. Animal Trainers Assoc.) She is working towards her professional certification.



October BRAG BOX


Julie Myers’ Australian Shepherd “Tristan” finished his NA and got his 2nd NAJ leg at the July trials.  Aussie “Tamiha” (blu tri female) went BOS puppy at the Canadian National Specialty in Camrose on Sept 28th.  “Tatanka” (blue merle male) got 2nd in his 9-12 puppy class.  “Lancelot” (black tri male) got 1st in his Veterans class at the Specialty.


Shirley Brown’s Belgian Malinois Bull Mtns Lighting Strikes Twice “Kyah” took BOW in Bozeman one day for a 3 point major.  In Helena she went RWB the first day and BOW and BOB the second day.  Golden Retriever “Annie” got her CD in Helena.


Donna Johnson went to the BCCA National in Omaha where “Jacqui” got his first leg in Rally; “Razz” was the highest scoring Veteran in obedience; “Katie” got her title in started-sheep; “Emma” got her title in intermediate-sheep.  In Bozeman, “Jacqui” finished his CH.


Helene Tiefenthaler went to San Jose to the APDT conference and got the remaining CEU points for her professional certificate for another year.


Melanie McCleary’s Belgian Malinois “Murray” got his 2nd OAJ leg in Casper.


Debbie Dilley’s German Shepherd “Terra” earned her CDX at the Great Falls obedience trials in Sept.


Sandy Spomer’s Doberman Ch Gallant’s Fast Lane v. Ciden NAP, NJP  “Cruiser” finished his NJP with a clean run in Casper.  He also got his first rally leg in Helena.  He also go his 1st standard leg in NADAC.


Anastasia Swarthout’s Belgian Malinois Bull Mtns When the Thunder Rolls “Garth” went RWD in Bozeman and took BOB one day in Helena.


Ingrid Rosenquist’s Australian Cattle Dog “Finn” got his CD with a 4th and 193.5 in Great Falls.  He also got two bonus legs.  Ingrid also has a new puppy.  A red ACD who is Poe’s nephew.  His name is Ayres’ Pride Envy N Avance call name “Sinjin”.


Lisa Swarthout’s Belgian Malinois “Willow” got another UDX leg and 2 more OTCH points.  “Bliss” picked up another breed point in Helena.


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany Ch RichLynn’s Holidais Cutter OA, OAJ “Shaver” at the Casper agility trials took 1st place with a clean run in open std for his second OA leg.  The next day he took 1st place again with a clean run to finish his OA title.  He also took 1st place with a clean run on Sunday in Ex JWW for his first AXJ leg.


Kelly Goodman’s Belgian Tervurens did well at the Great Falls obed/rally trials.  “Charge” received his CD in 3 trials and at the 3rd trial took 2nd place along with Highest Scoring Herding Dog.  With “Charge” getting his CD, he also received his VCD1 and is eligible for the ABTC Versatility Award.  At the Rally trials, the first trial, “Ace” took 3rd place and both “Razor” and “Charge” Q’d.  The second trial, “Charge” took 1st with a score of 100 along with ‘Razor”taking 4th with a 98 just beating “Ace” with the same score.  Then onto Helena Rally trials, where “Ace” again took 3rd place out of 32 Nov B entries.  “Razor” and “Charge” both Q’d so all 3 received their RN titles.  They are now:


“Charge” U-AG1 AKC/CKC/UKC CH Winjammers The Devil To Pay CD RN TD OA AXJ VCD1 HIC  and “Razor”  U-CD CKC CH Winjammers Tete La Premiere TDX AKC/CKC/ASCA CD RN CGC.  

At the Frontier Belgian Shepherd Dog Assoc UKC conformation shows in Golden, CO “Razor” went BMV, BM and BOW at show #1.  Belgian Laekenois “Fame” went BMV and RBM.  At show #2  “Fame” went BMV and BM to finish his UKC CH!!  “Razor” went BMV and RBM.  “Fame” is now UKC CH Winjammers Wired to Win.  At the Sunday show, “Razor” went BMV and BM and “Fame” went RCH along with both getting excellent + ratings.  There is also a new addition to the Goodman family:  a red Tervuren boy “Gusto” Winjammers High Octane.





Jo Acton:  Std Manchester Terrier Ch Rainsong’s We’re Gonna Groove “Carmen” won BOB both days with competition at the West Burlington, Iowa shows and took a Group 3 and Group 4.  Rainsong’s Immigrant Song “Columbo” Jo’s 6 month old Std Manchester puppy dog won WD and WD/BOW.  This gave him one point and a three point major.  Rainsong’s Usual Suspect Burmack “Keyser” Jo’s 6 month old Toy Manchester dog won Best in Match at the AKC sanctioned match in Iowa.  Intermediate Xoloitizcuintle “Comal” has earned his Canadian, Argentine, Americas and Caribbean 2005, and World 2005 Championships.  Standard Xolo “Teotihuacan” earned his Argentine and Reserve World 2005 Championships.  Affenpinscher Ch Flo-Star’s Puddle of Mud “Muddy” now has his AKC, Canadian, Argentine and Grand Argentine, International, Latin American, Americas and Caribbean 2005, and World 2005 championships.


On a sad note:  Helene lost her rescue dog Josie and then 10 days later lost Corey who was 15 years old.  Helene, we are all truly sorry for your loss.





Rhonda Dillman’s English Setter Am/Can Ch Sagebrush Yankee Doodle Dandy CDX, NA, NAJ “Yankee” got his 2nd OAJ leg in Billings


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany Ch RichLynn’s Holidais Cutter “Shaver” finished his OAJ in Billings with1st places and got his 1st leg on his OA.  He also got two legs on his CD.


Kelly Goodman at the UKC shows in Longmont:   Belgian Laekenois “Fame” went BMV, BM and BOW on Sat. and on Sun. went BMV and BM.  “Razor” went BMV both days and RBM on Sat.  They had all excellent ratings.  Also, “Ace” and “Charge” both earned their UKC novice agility titles with placements. 

At the YVKC agility trials:  “Ace” earned another MX leg and “Charge” earned another MXJ leg.

In Calgary at the CKC shows: “Charge” went BOB on Friday and “Fame”went RM.  On Sat., “Ego” went BOB.  On Sun. at the Belgian supported show, “Fame” went BM and BOWs under Pat Hastings.

At the UKC shows, “Fame” went BMV and RBM both days with excellent ratings.

At the NADAC trials, “Ace” earned his standard novice agility title finishing with a 2nd place and also earned his novice gamblers title.  “Charge” Qd in novice standard and gamblers.  “Ace”, “Charge” and “Razor” each Qd in tunnelers.


Diane Myers’ Brittany “Sidney” finished her NA with a 2nd place in Billings.  She also finished her OAJ title.  She had great fun on her first run in Excellent JWW !!


Melanie McCleary’s Belgian Malinois “Murray” got his first OAJ leg in Billings.


Ashlee Rangitsch’s Lab “K.C.” got first place in pre-novice both days in Billings with a 172 ½ on Sat and a 174 ½ on Sun.


Lisa Swarthout’s Belgian Malinois “Willow” got 2 UDX legs with High Combined both days and 5 more OTCh points.  “Isaac” earned both an OA and an OAJ leg.  He also qualified once in Open obedience.  “Bliss” qualified twice in Novice obed and got High in Trial on Sat.  She started and finished both her NA and NAJ with 5 first and 1 second place.


Ingrid Rosenquist’s Australian Cattle Dog Kuawarri Paint the Town Blue “Finn” got two Novice B legs with a  4th place on Sat.


Sharon Lynt’s Border Collie “Angel” got her first CD leg with a 2nd place.  This was both Sharon and Angel’s first time in the obedience ring!


Shirley Brown’s St. Bernard “Gracie” got her 3rd leg in Novice A obed and now has her CD.  Golden Retriever “Annie” got her first CD leg.


Dan Brown’s Golden Retriever “Shylow” took 3rd on Sat. and 2nd on Sun in pre-novice.


Debbie Dilley’s German Shepherd Terra von Gruheide earned her first 2 legs towards her CDX title with 1st place awards.  She also got her first two NAP legs at the Billings trials.


Helene Tiefenthaler’s Border Collie AKC, Int.Ch Adventure’s Red Hot N Spicy “Kai” finished her UKC Ch in Longmont with a Group 2 and a Group 4.  Helene will be doing a workup and video to send to Patricia McConnell for consideration on a presentation for the 2006 APDT conference showing how she currently does her “Head Start – Attention” classes.  Patricia also asked Helene if she could use a couple of her training ways in her own classes.





Rhonda Dillman’s English Setters Am/Can Ch Set’R Ridge Unforgetable CDX, NA, NAJ, U-CD, Can CD “Ellie” got one OA and two OAJ legs in Bozeman; Am/Can Ch Sagebrush Yankee Doodle Dandy CDX, NA, NAJ “Yankee” got one OA and OAJ leg in Bozeman;    Bull Mtns Sign of the Z “Zorro” went WD/BOW/BOB one day in Missoula for a 4 pt. Major. Anastasia showed Zorro to his major win.


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany Ch RichLynn’s Holidais Cutter “Shaver” got his 1st OAJ leg with a 1st place in Bozeman.


Carol Nelson’s German Shorthair Pointer “Saco” got a major in Billings on Wed. and a major in Missoula on Tues.


Arial Harper’s Ibizan Hound Am/Can UCIINat’l Ch FireRock Bell Book and Candle JC “Endorra” won a Group 2 the last day in Billings and BOB all three days.


Russ Morrison’s Shelties “Colin” got an OA leg in Bozeman. “Gallo” got an AX leg and MXJ leg in Blackfoot and a MXJ leg in Bozeman.


Kelly Goodman’s Belgian Tervurens “Ace” got 2 more MX legs in Bozeman. “Ego” passed his TD in Missoula.  Belgian Laekenois “Fame” went BOB on Friday in Lethbridge for 1 point.


Diane Myers’ Brittany “Sidney” got her 2nd  OAJ leg and 2nd NA leg in Bozeman.


Sandy and Therman Spomer’s Doberman Ch Gallant’s Fast Lane v Ciden “Cruiser” finished his NAP in Bozeman.


Nancy Smith's CH FOREVER PINAFORE ON THE ROAD AGAIN, Old English Sheepdog, finished his championship in Minnesota the weekend of June 10--gaining 8 points and a major at the four shows offered that weekend and taking a Group II in Casper, WY.  He garnered a Group III the following day. Pembroke Welsh Corgi, PINAFORE AFARA BEWITCHED, gained one point to put her within range of finishing with a 3 point major at these same shows.






Rhonda Dillman’s English Setter Am/Can Ch Set’R Ridge Unforgetable CDX, NA, NAJ, U-CD, Can CD “Ellie” finished her CDX in Casper.  English Setter Bull Mtns Undeniable “Bookie” got his first 2 breed points in Casper.


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany Ch RichLynn’s Holidais Cutter “Shaver” finished his Championship in Casper.


Julie Myers’ Australian Shepherd “Tristan” got his first NA leg in Casper with a 2nd place.  Her Lowchen “Justice” finished his Canadian Ch in May and got 2 more AKC points in Casper.  He was BOB both days.


Ingrid Rosenquist’s Australian Cattle Dog “Finn” got 3 first places and high percentage at the weight pulling trial in Missoula.  In Casper, he got his first breed point by going BOW.


Jo Acton’s Standard Manchester Terrier Ch Rainsong’s We’re Gonna Groove “Carmen” finished her Can-Ch.  She also took a Group 3 in Utah on her first weekend out as a special.  Jo’s Affenpinscher Ch Puddle of Mud “Muddy” finished her Can-Ch. and her Standard Xoloitzcuintle “Teotihuacan” got three group placements in Canada.






Kelly Goodman’s Belgian Tervurens “Ace” qualified in four out of four runs at the Casper agility trials with 4 1st places.  He finished his AXP and AJP.  At the Helena trials he got a MXP leg.  “Charge” got his second AX leg and another MXJ leg at the Helena trials.  “Blast”  turned 15 on May 1st-WAY TO GO BLAST!!


Helene Tiefenthaler’s Border Collie “Kayenne” got her first leg for the HCT herding title in AHBA in Helena.


Rhonda Dillman’s Golden Retriever “Jake” finished his AXP in Casper and got 2 MJP legs in Casper and Helena.  He is now:  U-CDX OTCh Knightwood Rocketeer UDX, AX, AXP, AXJ, AJP, Can-CDX


Sandy Spomer’s Doberman “Crusier” got his 2nd NAP leg in Casper.


Lisa Swarthout’s Belgian Malinois “Willow” got an AXJ leg in Helena.  “Isaac” finished his NAJ title in Helena. 


Anastasia Swarthout got her Black Belt in Karate and has a new Belgian Malinois puppy:  Bull Mtns When Thunder Rolls  “Garth”


Shirley Brown has a new addition.  Belgian Malinois “Kaia” (registered name ??)


Mary Morrison’s Sheltie “Inquie” got one AJP leg in Casper.  “Colin” got two OJP legs in Casper and one OA leg in Helena


Andrea McClenning is getting her first show dog!!!  A Whippet  due to arrive the end of July.


Deb Weisgarber’s Brittany “Shaver” finished his NA with a 1st place in Casper.


Diane Myers’ Brittany “Sidney” finished her NAJ in Casper.


Nancy Smith’s Old English Sheepdog Forever Pinafore On The Road Again “Willy” was Best in Sweeps and WD for a 4 pt major at the Hutchinson KC show on April 9 in Wichita, KS.  This was a supported entry of the OESCA.




Kelly Goodman’s Belgian Tervuren  “Ego” AKC/CKC/UKC CH Winjammers I Nou Ewed Luv Me HIC did well at the UKC shows in Colorado.  On Saturday, “Ego” went BMV, BM, BOW, BOB with a Group 2 with an Excellent Plus rating.  On Sunday, “Ego” finished his UKC Ch by going BMV, BM and BOW.  Kelly’s Belgian Laekenois “Fame” Winjammers Wired To Win went BMV and 2 RBM with excellent ratings at the UKC shows.  “Ego” also passed his tracking certification in Missoula.


Helene Tiefenthaler’s Border Collie “Kayenne” went to the UKC shows also and went BF, BOB with a Group 3 twice.  The next weekend in Greeley at the IABCA shows (International All Breed Canine Ass. ) Kayenne got 4 V-1 ratings with 3 going towards her UCICB title.  She got 4 excellent critiques written at these shows.


Julie Myers’ Lowchen Kiji Extreme Justice took WD and BOB on Saturday in Scottsbluff.






Ingrid Rosenquist got a CD in Denver on her Australian Cattle Dog “Finn”’s sire-DC AOM WTCH Kuawarri G’bye Old Paint.


Debbie Dilley’s German Shepherd “Terra” earned her CD in Denver.


Lisa Swarthout’s Belgian Malinois “Willow” Ch Bull Mtns Wind in the Willow UDX2, OA, OAJ, HIC got her 2nd AX leg in Denver.




February BRAG BOX


Lynn and Pits DeArmond have 8 new Mastiff puppies!!


Barb Berry’s Cattle Dog “Cinnamon” finished a Touch and Go agility title.



January BRAG BOX


January's meeting was Awards and Accomplishments for 2004